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One-on-One Online Coaching at Your Pace...

My goal isn't to be a great coach. My goal is to make you a great voice talent. I coach to empower you, to maximize your potential. But first we must discover that hidden potential, as I help you achieve your goals. It's all about you advancing your performance.

You'll have many questions, but as a teacher, I'll ask you more questions than you ask me. Here are a few of the crucial questions you should consider:

"How can I be most helpful to you as a VO coach?" "How far do you want to go?" "What skills/abilities do you think you need to work on?" “What are your strengths?”

Confidence Building is a central theme:
Our confidence is often degraded when we are criticized, encounter negative people, allow negative self-talk ("I can't do it") and when we fail, especially in the performing arts. I understand how a lack of confidence impedes improvement. Therefore, I aim to create an overwhelmingly positive experience for you by focusing on your strengths, rather than forcing you to focus on an area of VO that you don't enjoy, or you're not good at. Maybe characters aren't your strength. No biggy. We go elsewhere. If our conversations are nothing more than negatives, we're both wasting time.
BUT, I'll always be honest with you, and tell it like it is...

To have a solid and effective relationship, we need a foundation of trust, and trust isn't possible without honesty. It's my responsibility to tell you the truth, even if it may be painful to hear. Ignoring the facts isn't healthy practice. It's always best to acknowledge areas of concern, then work on them. You'll never achieve growth otherwise. I'll tell it like it is, and do my best to walk away from our session empty- never leaving anything unsaid.

Goal Setting...

We will not move forward unless we know where we're going, and how we'll get there. Together we'll set goals that are attainable and realistic. Meeting your goals equals success.

What happens in a Coaching Session?

We'll either work together in my studio, or remotely via a free platform called www.ZOOM.us.

Zoom is like Skype- we see and hear each other. I can also record you and play back your files in real time, show you scripts, the recording software/edit screen, and if need be, I can remotely take control of your audio settings to configure your home recording setup.

Sessions are from one hour to 90-minutes, depending. Some days, you might be in a zone. That's an opportunity to explore your vocal potential and make progress. I won't allow time to interrupt us in that situation, if I can help it.

Script analysis and performance is where we'll spend most of our time, but we can also focus on coaching you through auditions for paid work, setting up your online profiles, as well as editing skills and enriching the sound quality you get from your recording environment.

After you perform, we then play back the performance and discuss. You'll often hear the takes that you read played back side-by-side to hear your improvements and learn HOW you made the read better. It's a truly dynamic experience.

We'll also work on vocal exercises, discuss marketing strategies, and anything and everything that you believe will help you.

Often the goal is to get you demo-ready. We're working to improve your delivery, and towards finding the type of material for your demo that you'll absolutely hit “out of the park”. See the demo page for more.

Class Fees:

Everyone is different. So price structures depend upon how much time we spend together. The more time, the less each studio hour costs.

A basic one-hour session is $159

The 3-Session package is $349

Contact me to discuss your needs and we'll customize a package for you.

With a referral from Voices.com, a 30-minute Audition Diagnoses is $35, courtesy of Voices.com