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Tommy Griffiths Voice Productions Voice Over Demos And Coaching

"I promise you this: You won't get a more professionally produced, better sounding demo, than the one we'll produce together, and you won't find a better price."  Tommy Griffiths

Produced in-studio, or via Skype...

To get work, you need a demo. To make a demo, you need previous work, right? Nope. All you need is the gift that is your voice.    

After we get acquainted, together we determine your strengths and goals. You'll get scripts written just for you, crafted according to your style and personality, and then you'll record for few hours as I direct you online, or in my DC or Florida Studios.

You'll get intensive, patient one-on-one coaching as you record 5 or 6 segments for your demo.  Each segment is carefully produced with the most contemporary music beds and sound effects, for a slick "broadcast network quality" demo.

But we're not finished.  You'll also get one-on-one guidance and instruction on how to post your demo online so you get multiple audition opportunities every day, and coaching while you record auditions, technical instruction, valuable information about marketing and monetizing your voice and continuing education about the voice over business.

All this for under $1800.00.?*

Why? How?  Because most of the VO companies out there want to charge you from $2000.00 to $5000.00 to do the same thing.  And before you even record a demo, they want hundreds of dollars for "coaching" because "you're not ready for a demo." That's cost prohibitive and just wrong.  There's no reason why you can't be working in voice over, auditioning and making money right now, and you should be. That's how you get good.  I promise you, there are plenty of opportunities.

The 4 demos on this page are among several hundred that I've produced.  Lisa, Don, Jess and Michelle are all active in the VO market.

I've also produced demos for and coached several former NFL, MLB and NBA stars breaking into broadcasting and picking up endorsement deals, as well as celebs doing the same.  From Hollywood actor to former news anchor, to Pro VO talent,  to beginners and kids, I've helped them all. 

For  information, or to schedule a  recording session, complete the form on the left.

Or call (757) 404- 0833 and talk to Tommy Griffiths.

*Package and Pro prices are available.